Times Art Center Berlin

Times Art Center Berlin

Founded by the Guangdong Times Museum in 2018, Times Art Center Berlin (TACB) is the first parallel institution to have been set up overseas by an Asian art museum. TACB operates as an autonomous non-profit organization, which dedicates itself to exploring and experimenting with new models of Asian institutions of contemporary art through various forms of art production, such as exhibitions, commissions, publications, lectures, public programs, and institutional collaborations. 

Embracing ideas of diversity, multiculturalism, and interconnectivity, TACB is particularly involved with artists from Asia, and art practices related to Asian nomadic cultures. With Berlin as its base for research and experiments, TACB provides a platform for global contemporary art practices and research-based academic conversations. It encourages a trajectory of development through exploring “new institutional geographies”, which are borderless and transcultural, with a view to re-envisaging an understanding of Asian contemporary art in a global context. At the same, Times Art Center Berlin is committed to strengthening the diversity, mobility, and public interest of Berlin’s art scene. In an evolving world that is constantly bringing new geographical challenges, TACB, with its experimental model, and with knowledge-sharing, academic research and public participation as its core values, can better respond to the needs created by international cultural development and changes.

TACB’s programs focus on presenting Chinese contemporary art to European audiences, supporting and providing a production and research platform for the Chinese diasporic art community in Europe, in particular through organizing solo and group exhibitions of emerging and prominent mid-career artists, encouraging artistic production and commissioning new works. In doing so, TACB offers an academic and professional framework in which to develop a perspective and knowledge of Asian contemporary art in Europe. TACB works in close collaboration with international contemporary art institutions and local cultural producers, to organize exhibitions and various academic activities. Through actively participating in the development of the contemporary art scene in Berlin, it contributes to the enhancement of intellectual cooperation and exchange among international art communities in Europe.

About the Guangdong Times Museum

The Guangdong Times Museum was officially registered as a non-profit art museum funded by private sector in Guangdong Province in October 2010. It formally opened to the public on December 31, 2010.

The process of conception, design, and realization of the Guangdong Times Museum reflects the unique social, economic and cultural environment of the Pearl River Delta region. It is a special case of the urbanization process in southern China.

The Museum constitutes an autonomous space with cultural and social significance in a city where urbanization and globalization have been rapidly advanced by leaps and bounds. The Guangdong Times Museum has always adhered to the institutional positioning of “academic independence” and has established itself as one of China’s most important non-profit private art museums.