Angst, keine Angst, Installation view at Times Art Center Berlin with structure, Anja Gerecke, Anne Gathmann, Franziska Hünig, Stefan Rummel. Foto: Jens Ziehe, Berlin.

Angst, Keine Angst, Installation view at Times Art Center Berlin, Foto: Jens Ziehe, Berlin.

Jens HAU

Wong Ping, "Crumbling Earwax", 2022, 3-channel video installation, rock installation, commissioned by Times Art Center Berlin, courtesy of the artist.
Photo: Jens Ziehe, Berlin.


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Times Art Center Berlin is the first parallel institution initiated by an Asia-based art museum overseas. Operating as an independent and self-governed organization, it intends to explore new models of developing Asian contemporary art institutions both in Europe and the world.

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