TANG Kwok Hin

Present “Reminiscences of the Eastern Capital”  (2012–2018 ) , video still, courtesy of the artist

Present “Reminiscences of the Eastern Capital” (2012–2018), video still, courtesy of the artist


Present “Reminiscences of the Eastern Capital”

2012-2018, video, 6’15”

The book “Reminiscences of the Eastern Capital”,records a period of history of the capital city of Kaifengin the Northern Song Dynasty under the Emperor Hui- tsung. The book depicts scenes of daily life ranging from nobles to common peoples. It also mentions the fact that there were more than 100 different stores situated in the centre of the city. This was a truly competitive and prosperous period. Cityscapes built of modern chainstores show the rigid appearance of globalization andcapitalist markets. Do the metropolises inevitably destroyindividual operators? Do individuals and the generalpublic, conservation and development, resistance and tolerance face consequential contradiction? Tradingbehaviours in stores and ways of walking and looking on the street constitute a large part of our lives and culture,as well as our values. They suggest that personality is being gradually worn down. Hong Kong as a small anddensely packed city presents the possibility of travellingaround the whole city to record these phenomena. By going down the streets to film open chain stores in the daytime and taking photos of closed small independent stores at night, I combine the two mediums to make an 18-channel video. The 18-channel video represents the 18 districts of Hong Kong showing repetitions ofeach district depicting the giant rotational operation of their trends and situations through stores, streets andhuman beings. On the other hand, slightly ironically, this project also endeavours to record the remaining characteristics of each district. Present (Reminiscences of the Eastern Capital) will be a complete documentation of all of Hong Kong within a given period of time.”

–Artist’s statement


TANG Kwok Hin

Born 1983 in Hong Kong, lives and works in Hong Kong

TANG Kwok Hin is a mixed media artist, independent curator and writer. He received his Bachelor of Arts in 2006 and Master of Fine Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2008. TANG started his artistic pathwith continuous queries about his native background. Soon, his explorations tended towards the origins ofexistence and intimate aesthetics, inseparably connected to the paths of experiences that constitute his life. These concerns are reflected in his works. He blurs boundaries between art and living by integrating creation into humanconflict, which reveals intrinsic values, tensions of dualityand rhythms of senses. He has participated in the 15thInternational Architecture Exhibition in Venice at theHong Kong Pavilion, 7th Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/ Architecture, 15th WRO Media Art Biennale, Hong Kong Contemporary Biennial Award 2009. His work has been exhibited in Ice Palace, Miami; Osthaus Museum, Hagen; Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Manchester; 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney; MuseumBärengasse; Esplanade, Singapore; Singapore ArtMuseum; Guangdong Times Museum; Vargas Museum, Manila; Busan Cinema Center; Hong Kong Museum of Art; Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art; KuanduMuseum, Taipei.

Artist website: tangkwokhin.com