SHI Qing

The Edge of the World Park  (2017), video still, courtesy of the artist

The Edge of the World Park (2017), video still, courtesy of the artist


The Edge of the World Park

2017, video, 7’5”

The film was shot in Baishizhou, the largest urban village in Shenzhen, right behind and bordering the theme park “Shenzhen Window of World”. An urban village, or a “village-within-the city” is a city’s parallel space. The edge where the two meet is a place of gullies and crisscrossings. The film results from the idea that there should be some guards along this border, who would eliminate border-crossers and clear away any trace of them; that the guards would play the roles of cleaners. Pedestrians in urban villages are middlemen for cross-border smugglers. Both cleaners and pedestrians know what the other side is doing but say nothing, and they are waiting for the same people: border-crossers. Each time, they will greet each person in a Godot-like way: “Has he arrived?” “Not yet.” This work was shown at the Bi- City Shenzhen Biennial of Urbanism/Architecture in 2017.


SHI Qing

Born 1969 in Baotou; lives and works in Shanghai

Shi Qing’s work shows a great diversity be it in methodology, media or subjects, ranging from installation, moving image, live performance, on- site practice to recent research-oriented projects, and from anthropological ritual performances, appropriation of archetype and mythological narratives, geography of migration and cultural conflicts in the context of globalisation, to daily life under collectivism, critique of the art system and intervention in the production of space. He has also taken part in many exhibitions and events organized by artists themselves: “Post-sense Sensibility,” “Complete Art Experience Project” “Top Events” etc. In 2014, he co-founded the “Radical Space”, launched and organised a series of projects, including “Collective Building,” “Diafang Works,” “Hinterland Project,” “Shanghai Crew: Geography Film Program.” In addition to that, he also held a retrospective survey of his Hinterland Project series at the Guangdong Times Museum (2015, Guangzhou), did the solo shows “Theatre for Climate Control” (2013, Beijing) and “All that is Solid Melts into Air” (2012, Shanghai), and took part in the 9th and 11th Shanghai Biennial under the name of “Shi Qing + Radical Space” (2012 and 2016).