Natalie LO Lai Lai

Deep Flight  (2017), video still, courtesy of the artist

Deep Flight (2017), video still, courtesy of the artist


deep flight

2017, video, 9’20”

In a seemingly poetic natural environment, the artist becomes a Deep Flight submarine. She never says no, and over the years, has delivered all kinds of objects, things, including desires.

Voice From Elsewhere  (2018), single-channel video, 12’26’’

Voice From Elsewhere (2018), single-channel video, 12’26’’


Voice From Elsewhere

2018, single-channel video, 12’26’’

You might think the fishponds are always calm and peaceful, yet dynamic networks are found in fishponds, linked by desires from different parties. Who knows what it would be? Rice paddies were wiped out, replaced by fish in ponds. The land was long ago turned into fancy American-Canadian scenery. But epicures still have the chance to satisfy their appetites. Migrating birds passing over might have got a message from far away, and come down and eat here, attracting curious or greedy onlookers.


Natalie LO Lai Lai

Born 1983 in Hong Kong; lives and works in Hong Kong

Natalie LO Lai Lai received her MFA from the Department of Fine Arts of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. As a former travel journalist, she is interested in the topics of tourism, nature and ecology in her art practice. She is currently studying at the collective organic farm Sangwoodgoon (Hong Kong) where she also explores the lifestyle of ‘Half-Farming, Half-X’– a practice that seeks alternatives and autonomy as an artist and Hong-Konger. Lo founded the Slow-So TV channel, with a focus on food, farming, fermentation, slow-driving, surveillance, and meditation, and has recently become interested in the mutual control and dependence of emotion and desire found in human beings and nature. She has held solo exhibitions in the bonacon gallery in Guangzhou (“Down into the Abyss”, 2018), the Floating Projects Hong Kong (“‘Slow-So TV’-Ann Eilathan’s Gaze”, 2016) and the Observation Society in Guangzhou, China (“Souvenir and Gift”, 2014) . She joined the following projects in recent years: The Fish Pond Sustainable Art Festival (2018), “Talkover/ Handover 2.0”(2017), “Interlocutor You Are Not Alone” at Oil Street Art Space, Hong Kong (2017) and the HK FARMers’ Almanac project (2015).