Morgan WONG

Plus-Minus-Zero  (2010 ) , video still, courtesy of the artist

Plus-Minus-Zero (2010), video still, courtesy of the artist



2010, video, 3’

“Morgan WONG’s exploration is a time performance reminiscent of Back to the Future’s scientific logic. As video is frequently categorized as a time-based media, this work connects time, distance, technology and travel.When we see the artist walking backwards and anti-clockwise, in order to reverse time, we can only reflect on the pointless attempt of traveling through time. This brings Hong Kong and Sapporo closer together in the process, by vanishing the time difference between the two places. The simple poetics of a rambler in a white landscape is turned around through the process of reframing time by symbolically pressing the fast-forward or the returnbutton. It is through all these contradictions and collisionsbetween technology, brain logic, time, optical illusions, distance and travel, that the artist builds this reflection.”

–Alvaro Rodriguez Fominaya


Morgan WONG

Born 1984 in Hong Kong, lives and works in Hong Kong

Morgan WONG’s interest in durational performance aims to investigate the irrepressibility of time as a predicament.In doing so, he tries to recuperate a new consciousnesswith physicality, time and space. He uses an object as a vehicle to mediate with the outside world in order to reflecton his own consciousness. Such a practice follows in thevein of phenomenology and, specifically, how to become more aware of the relationship between one’s volition and actions. The pursuit of timelessness is not only a humanistic quest, its social and political connotations question the fundamental value of an individual as anagency for change.