LIU Chuang

Untitled (Festival)  (2011), video still, courtesy of the artist

Untitled (Festival) (2011), video still, courtesy of the artist


Untitled (Festival)

2011, video, 5’14”

Untitled (Festival) is set in an urban context,documenting the journey of an individual through acity filled with rubble and debris. It begins with the individual picking up a sheet of paper, setting it on fireand then throwing it to the ground. The act becomes repetitive, a commentary on the normalcy of accepting the conditions imposed on people without protest.”



LIU Chuang

Born 1978 in Hubei, lives and works in Beijing

LIU Chuang works primarily with sculpture, film, andinstallation. Known for engaging the borders of social,economic and urban realities, he charts a manifold understanding of systems and patterns that underpin and structure our everyday experiences of modernity. LIU Chuang closely analyses characteristics shared amongst objects and patterns, with a particular focus on how they resurrect themselves in different periods in time through adaptation into new variants. Often employing an expansive array of methodologies, LIU Chuang closely traces discernible contours of objects or networks of information, delving into the clues, impressedwith their patterns of evolution and tracing their capacitiesto shift between different material forms. Within this conjuncture of dynamic change, modernity is consideredas a generative ecology, a field of possibilities definedby interactions dovetailing organisms, inorganic matter and architectural mechanisms. For LIU Chuang, the unpredictable encounters between these different systems allude to a wider topological system activated by a chain-reaction of poetic events and unpredictable behaviouralchanges – a movement of transformation that perennially eclipses the anticipation of human intention and desire.