LI Xiaofei

Sofa  (2017), video still, courtesy of the artist

Sofa (2017), video still, courtesy of the artist



2017, HD video, PAL, colour, sound, 13’47”

Any everyday object or ordinary piece of furniture has its independent existence within the chain of production and consumption, and is further bound to a strong system of manufacturing and sales. Sofas, like all of the everyday objects which are related to people, will also be ignored. The simple, straightforward and precise way of talking of the owner of the sofa factory gives us a glimpse of the realities of the development of the society. In the end, “sofa” is just a residual landscape after its role of being comfortable.


LI Xiaofei

Born 1973 in Yongxing; lives and works in Shanghai and New York

A graduated of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Li Xiaofei has recieved grants and awards from multiple organisations, including the Iaspis International Residency Grant, Stockholm, Sweden (2013) and the Sovereign Foundation Fellowship of the Asian Cultural Council, New York, USA (2011). He initiated the on-going project Assembly Line in 2010, consisting of a practice related to the process of social change in China but also on a global scale. Having conducted considerable in- depth field research and shooting, Li has tried to explore the reality of humans in a highly systematic and institutionalised environment through fragmented images and broken narratives. Li’s work has been featured in biennials and festivals internationally, including: the 4th and 6th Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, Shenzhen, China (2013, 2017); the 5th Mediations BiennalePoznań, Poland (2016); the 8th Berlin Biennalefor Contemporary Art (2014); the 10th Shanghai Biennale (2014); the 60th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (2014); Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition (2012), and prominent institutions: OCAT Xi’An, China (2017); Albright- Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, USA (2015); San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (2012).