Our Love  (2005), video still, courtesy of the artist

Our Love (2005), video still, courtesy of the artist


our love

2005, DV, color, 78’

JIANG Zhi’s Our Love explores the underground world of China’s transvestites. Based on the lives of three young people - Xiang Xiang, Ping’er and Teresa - in Shenzhen, this half-documentary, half- fiction film mingles humour, sadness, ambivalence andstraightforwardness to depict hardships that transvestitesand drag queens endure in a discriminatory society.

Words  (2018), video still, courtesy of the artist

Words (2018), video still, courtesy of the artist



2018, single-channel video, 15’52”

A quiet and solemn person, a reader? Or an author? He opens a blank, wordless book until the silence in the pages is broken, in a violent manner. Not a word or a sentence shows itself, and yet it unfolds its thrillingpower in front of us. 



Born 1971 in Yuanjiang, lives and works in Shenzhen and Beijing

JIANG Zhi graduated in 1995 from the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, and he works in a wide range of media, including photography, video, painting and installation. Having been writing novels fromthe early stages of his artistic career, Jiang consciously positions his practice at the intersection of art, poetry and sociology, and integrates everyday, personal, and worldly social experiences in his works, whileimparting a subtle and poetic tension between aesthetic elements and socio-economic issues. He has shown in various major museums and biennials, including OCAT, Shenzhen; Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai; Times Art Museum, Guangzhou; Venice Biennale, GwangjuBiennale, Shanghai Biennale, etc. Jiang was awardedthe CCAA Chinese Contemporary Art Award in 2000.

Artist website: jiangzhi.net